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Stormwater Management

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is generated when precipitation from rain and snow-melts flow over land and impervious surfaces and does not infiltrate into the ground.  The runoff from streets, lawns, farms, and construction and industrial sites pick up fertilizers, dirt, pesticides, oil, grease and many other pollutants and discharge into our lakes, streams and rivers.

This untreated discharge is detrimental to our water quality as it can adversely affect our drinking water supply and environment.  Many Best Management Practices (BMPs) such as detention/retention/infiltration basins, are already in place to help keep out water clean.

How does Worcester Township Regulate Stormwater?

Worcester Township regulates stormwater management which goes above and beyond typical BMPs through a permit that is obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) through the National Pollution and Discharge Elimination System Phase II (NPDES)/Municipals Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). This is a Federal requirement from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) that is administered by the PA DEP.  This NPDES Permit is broken up into six minimum control measures to be regulated and enforced by the Township.  These minimum control measures include:

Worcester Township has begun monitoring and testing of storm sewer outfalls that have flow during dry periods. The township asks all residents to cooperate with the inspectors, as some outfalls are located on private properties.

How do I report a stormwater concern or a suspected illicit discharge?

If you believe someone is discharging sanitary waste, chemicals or other hazardous and prohibited materials into a storm sewer or a waterway. please contact the Township Manager, at (610) 584-1410.  

How Residents Can Help with Stormwater Management?

There are many ways you can help the Township with its stormwater program and participate in volunteering programs that will keep trash, debris and other pollutants out of the storm sewer system.