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Knox Box

Knox Box Information and Ordering Procedure

Knox Boxes provide the fire department with easy access to structures in the event of a fire or other fire department related emergency.  They do not provide access for EMS or police. Only the fire department carries keys. The fire department does not respond to medical calls unless specifically requested by EMS after their arrival.

How it works - A Knox Box is a small very secure metal box that is attached to your home or business in an accessible agreed upon location. Inside the box are keys to your home or business as well as a call list of personnel selected by you to respond to emergency calls. Knox Boxes come in several sizes and can be surface mounted or recessed into a wall. It is up to the home owner to select the box that best fits your needs. In addition, Knox Boxes have the option of being wired into your home security alarm system should you decide you want that feature. In most cases your security system will activate as soon as fire fighters enter you home anyway.

Knox Boxes must be ordered on-line.   Clicking  will take you to the Knox Box order form for Worcester Township. This site is not to be used for any other municipality.  

After making your selection on line and clicking on “ADD TO CART” the Township will be notified and review and approve your purchase. Upon receiving your approval you can complete the purchase including payment to the Knox Company. The Knox Box will be shipped direct to you for installation. The Township is available to review the location on your property which works best for you and the fire department. After installation please notify the Township at (610) 584-1410 to schedule an appointment to install the key(s) and call list.

For more information on Knox Boxes in Worcester Township, and ways to better protect your business or organization, contact the Township at (610) 584-1410.