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NPWA Annual Fire Hydrant Inspection and Flushing

From April 19 to May 14 (tentative Worcester Township schedule)

During these weeks the North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) will commence its annual fire hydrant inspection and flushing program. Annual inspection and flushing of fire hydrants increase public safety by ensuring that hydrants will function when called upon in the case of a fire. Flushing of hydrants also improves water quality by removing the build-up of materials from the inside of water distribution pipes.

Sewer Bill: Due April 30, 2017

Bill Mailed: April 1, 2017
Bill Due: April 30, 2017 (1st quarter of 2017)
  • $129.45 / quarter.  2017 budget passed at the Board of Supervisors Meeting in December 2016.
  • Sewer bill for January, February, March 2017.

Payment Information:

If the due date falls on a weekend, payment must be received by the Township office prior to the due date (e.g. paid ahead of time, mailed earlier, dropped off in our door slot) - you will be subject to a 10% late fee if payment is not received by the Township on/before April 30.  Payment received on May 1 will be late.
ALL card transactions are subject to service charge fees. Please consider another form of payment to avoid these additional fees.

Green Hill Rd Culvert: Reopened on March 10

Green Hill Road, at the culvert crossing, has been reopened to one lane of traffic.  Vehicles are required to stop at each approach to the culvert, and may continue only if there is no opposing traffic.

The Township has determined that the culvert can’t be fixed, it must be replaced.  This project is now under design.  After the design is completed the Township must obtain a permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for the work to be done (because it affects a stream crossing).  Next, the Township must publicly bid the project (because the project cost exceeds $20,000).  Due to these State-mandated permitting and bidding requirements, construction will not begin until summer.  The Township will update this website when the work is scheduled to start.

We thank you for your continue patience!

US Army Reserve Center - Update 3/6/17

As you may know, Worcester Township has been in discussion with the US Army to acquire the former US Army Reserve Center on Berks Road. The US Army has agreed to transfer the 19-acre property to the Township at no cost, provided this property is used for recreational purposes.
Prior to the Township taking ownership of this property, a number of inspections and investigations were completed at the property. 
Worcester Township has been notified of test results taken from the site wells within the grounds at the US Army Reserve Center.  The test results reflected that PFOA and PFOS may have impacted the groundwater.  These test results do not pertain to drinking water.  Other tests conducted on the drinking water well at the site did not confirm the presence of PFOA or PFOS above the EPA advisory level for drinking water.

Vendors & Volunteers Needed!

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Worcester Township Community Day:

Have you heard? Worcester Township is holding its first Annual Community Day on Saturday, May 13 [Rain Date: May 14] from 11 am to 4 pm. 

We're joining up with the Fire Department directly next door to offer our residents a fun day of activities, entertainment, delicious eats, and of course community groups (vendors, businesses, organizations, and more!) right here in Heebner Park!

You can visit our Community Day page in full by clicking here.

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