Door-to-door sales in Worcester Township are allowed by permit only. To obtain a permit all solicitors must provide photo identification, complete a criminal records check, and abide by certain regulations in the Township Code. Solicitors must also carry their Township-issued permit at all times, and make it available to property owners.

Please note that local government can’t require religious organizations, political candidates and certain non-profit advocates to obtain a permit… as the courts have ruled that doing so violates free speech. But property owners have the final say as to whether any solicitor is allowed on their properties. So consider posting a “no solicitation” sign on your front lawn or near the front door if you want to stop commercial and non-commercial solicitors from interrupting dinner.

Worcester Township Active Solicitation Permits

  • No active permits at this time.  

If someone’s selling in your neighborhood and they are not listed on our website, please call the Township Building at (610) 584-1410.

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