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Sewer & Water

Sewer Accounts - What To Do When Selling/Buying A Home In The Township

You must send a sewer certification.

Public Sewer accounts serviced by Worcester Township must be certified as of the date of settlement when transferring a property. Send the request form and a $20 check made payable to Worcester Township to the address below as soon as a settlement date is known, but no later than two weeks prior to the settlement date.

1721 Valley Forge Road
Post Office Box 767
Worcester, PA 19490
P: 610.584.1410
F: 610.584.8901

Public Sewer Serviced By Worcester Township...

A portion of the Township - about 1,000 homes and businesses - are serviced by a sanitary sewer system that is owned and operated by Worcester Township.  The remaining properties in our community are serviced by other sewer providers, or possess on-lot septic systems.  The below information is for residential properties that are serviced by the Township system.  Please note these accounts are billed on a quarterly basis.

Mailed: January 1
Due: January 31 (4th quarter of 2016)
  • $126.45/ quarter
  • Sewer usage from October, November, December 2016.
Mailed: April 1
Due: April 31 (1st quarter of 2017)
  • $129.45/ quarter – increased rate effective
  • Sewer usage from January, February, March 2017.
Mailed: July 1
Due: July 31 (2nd quarter of 2017)
  • $129.45/ quarter
  • Sewer usage from April, May, June 2017.
Mailed: October 1
Due: October 31 (3rd quarter of 2017)
  • $129.45/ quarter
  • Sewer usage from July, August, September 2017.

Payment Information...

If the due date falls on a weekend, payment must be received by the Township office prior to the due date (e.g. paid ahead of time, dropped off in our mail slot) - you will be subject to a 10% late fee if payment is not received on time. 

You may pay via check, cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover -  there is a service charge added to any credit card transaction).  You may also set up bill pay through your bank to automatically send a check to us on a quarterly basis - please check with your bank about this option.

Sewer Rate...

The Public Sewer quarterly rate is increasing to $129.45 beginning January 1, 2017 per the approved 2017 budget passed at the Board of Supervisors' meeting in December, 2016.  
Was there prior notification about the sewer rate increase?
  • Yes... the new rate change was adopted at a public meeting of the Board of Supervisors in December of 2016, and the new rate was posted to the Township website and included in the quarterly newsletter that the Township mails to every property in the Township.


Public Water...

Multiple providers offer public water service to residents of Worcester, based on house location. Please call your public water provider directly for questions about billing, rate information, or customer assistance.
North Penn Water Authority
phone: (215) 855-3617
after hours & emergency: (215) 855-9945   
Pennsylvania American Water
phone: (800) 565-7292
after hours & emergency: (800) 565-7292